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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 5, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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i . hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you are looking for great videos, we have them "right this minute." >> holy [ bleep ]. >> whitewater rafters are trying to save their own. >> they are paddling to him. >> the frantic efforts to reach him before he is uked under. when will the road ragers ever learn. >> don't bring a stick to a gun fight. >> see where packing heat is the ultimate tie-breaker. >> robin thicke's hit song leads to an inspired rendition.
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the impromptu cover that will blow your mind. and just call it darth valley, and meet the character go g going to the hottest place on earth for a little jog. >> are you drenched in sweat the entire time? >> oh, absolutely. when you go whitewater rafting, you are looking for adventure and i'd say that these people definitely found it. they are on a river in colombia, and we got this video from carlos brown. carlos' cousin is the guy with the camera. they went out the day before on their very first whitewater adventure and easier path and route, so they decided to try a tougher course. >> oh, my! >> before you know it, everyone dumped out of the raft. everyone. not uncommon to happen if you are rafting. >> not uncommon, but this goes
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on for a long time. everyone is separated now. kind of funny at first, but then it goes from funny to scary r l really quick. he is pulled under quite a bit. and now you can hear he is out of breath. now he is floating past some debris that is causing some injury, and here is hit by a large boulder, and you can see that he is turning around and a couple of people are getting back into the raft, but it sounds like he hurt himself, because he is saying -- >> my knee. >> -- and eventually he gets back up on the boat, but by the time he is, there you see three people on board of this thing, and everybody is like, man, that is pretty crazy, right? eventually, they are able to float down the river and they get back to shore, and once they get back to shore, they are still missing somebody. we reached out to carlos, and he told us that there was another girl on the raft, and she ended up clinging to a rock in the river for an hour.
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out there by herself before a rescue team could come to save her. everybody did get out of this thing relatively unharmed, but i mean, ta about aadvente. to a subway station in prague where there is a woman standing right at the dotted line. that safety line that you are not supposed to walk over. but if you also notice, she is sort of punching over it, and she is a little wobbly, and she seems like maybe something isn't righ right. >> nobody seems to notice her. >> right. they are are definitely keeping an eye on her, though, because as the video progresses, you will notice that she is really starting to lean forward and perhaps loses the balance a little bit and starts walking forward. >> oh, he almost had her. he almost had her. >> someone did see her trying to grab before falling in, but at this point, it was too late, and almost immediately the train
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comes into the station to the horror of everyone there watching. >> she has to be in the safety channel. >> even though the reports say she was unconscious, she luckily ended up in the middle of the tracks and the train went right over her. as we continue, we see one of the security team members bend over and the partition between two cars right here where they end up pulling her up, completely unharmed. some reports say she told authorities that she was really sleepy. >> that is what a bench is for. go sit down. >> and notice when she falls in, you do see her pull the leg in and sort of get into the fetal position right in that crevice. you see that? she quickly draws the foot over. so -- >> you could see she is trying to pull a stunt. >> so that is a questionable incident. >> my favorite part of the show, russian dashcam, and up ahead, it is two of them. the road rage situation, the guy
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in the white pickup is getting out and start grabbing something out of the bed of the truck and start jamming it into the car. the guy then grabs the board and they are now both armed with a large stick, but don't bring a stick to the gun fight. the guy pulling up here is tired of it. he is not having it. the situation that it is creating and he steps up to break up the road rage with a gun in the face. >> he is not involved in the initial place. >> no, he is irritated that this thing is causing traffic backup. he says, quit messing around, i want to get to where i am. get out of here. >> i like how they immediately listen to him. oh, all right. >> you don't argue with a guy with a gun. and in the open highway, this guy is barely making moves and passing motorcycles here and there and it looks like it is all going so well until this. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> oh, wow. >> that is some skilled driver
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out there, and it looks like the guy you are riding with manages to avoid the rearend collision. twice. >> twice. >> and look at the traffic all backed up, and he was not expecting this car to come to a dead spot, and it looks like this car was clipped on the back of the vehicle, and careful out there, kids. >> it is hot outside, and people are heading to the coast to cool off in the ocean, but what's lurking in the water? do you see it? >> oh, yeah, i did. some dark animal-looking thing in the wave there. >> slow it down and watch it again. ooh! did you see it? it is going way too fast. >> the shadow. >> from the sky. >> definitely like a helicopter. >> yeah, yeah. not buying it. >> it is looking like it is in
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the water. >> now you are right. a guy named brandon uploaded this to the youtube channel and he said, is this a fast moving shark, but a shadow, and maybe one of the advertisement planes that drags something behind it. >> maybe the biggest shark in the world. >> and the fastest shark. >> but we have another video. what could be lurking in the water? >> i'm so tense with this suspense voice of beth troutman. >> it gets you, right? >> in this video, we have a bunch of folks out on the boat, and the sole purpose for being out there, they were looking for whale sharks. >> but what is lurking in the water is a whale shark actually right behind the boat following them around. seriously the whole time, hey sh, guys, over here? over here? i'm back here. turn around. >> they can get to be 40 feet long and this is no teeny tiny whale shark. >> you probably know that boats will throw bait out as food, and
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they probably made that connection, and hey, throw me some of the lunch. >> probably why. girl gets all boo-hoo at the zoo. >> this is your first in-person encounter with an elephant. >> was she scared? >> the story behind the tears. and plus, it has wings and it flies, but -- >> underwater. >>
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stephanie is very emotional about something. look at her. she is crying. and she is supposed to be happy. after all, she is at zoo atlanta. this is her first in person encounter with an elephant. >> was she scared or -- >> she is delighted. >> she loves elephants.
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oh, my god. >> oh, that is all right. >> you made her cry. >> he is very emotional, but those are tears of joy, and she cries when she is not at a zoo, because she thinks that a picture of an elephant is cute. >> what did you think, e stephanie? >> i think it loves me. >> what all did it do? >> and she was able to feed it. she gave it some lettuce. >> and you got the feed it. and the nose grabbed your hand. i know you did. >> that is cool. i am glad to see that passion. >> it is a beautiful thing that she has a raw excitement. >> oh, it is all right. >> it made her cry. >> and if i say that i'm about
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to show you the subway, you might think that something out of like "star wars" or maybe na nasa, but no sh, the sub wing g underwater. check this out. pulled by a boat, it is tethered and watch what this guy is hanging on to. >> oh, yeah! >> right, like it is two little movable adjustable wings. and you move them, and you tilt them to kind of maneuver yourself. we showed individuvideos of the when videos of it first hit the internet. in is pretty cool, because this guy has some skills with the subwing. it is just cool to see the maneuverability of these things. it is not like you are hanging on for the ride. he is doing like kind of tricks. >> the cool thing about this is that he can steer himself up to the surface to get another breath en swhe ready for one, because he does not have an
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oxygen tank. he can go up when he wants to. >> it does make you want to take a breath, because after watching this, you are sucking for air. >> breathe. we have only seen him go up once for air. >> he has the lungs the size of maine. the song "blurred lines" with robin thicke featuring pharrell and you can't get the song out of your mind. ♪ i know you want it >> the more i watch it, the more i want to watch it, and the more i hear it, the more i want to hear it. >> and the latest are our friends at collective credenza, and we know these guys, because they have done cool videos and the latest one on the show is when they have one piano playing daft punk's "get lucky."
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>> and that one i can't get out of my head. >> we know they are talented. the talent level is just like -- i love it so much. it is kind of the horn section and the rhythm section playing robin thicke's "blurred lines." the reason that you are going to be so impressed by this, this is impromptu, and kind of an improvisation session, and in less than an hour, they thought of the idea and recorded the video. playing by ear and memory, and this is jamming. this whole thing was shot on june 23rd at the summit recording studios in new york city. this is a fun jam session for these guys. seeing this entire video head over to our website right this of rtm or our mobile apps. for a few questions of adding this is a pran tok pu
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puck -- prank to pucker up for. >> this will tell you your futu
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for one day every summer for about six minutes, death valley becomes darth valley.
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>> three, two, one, go. >> this is jonathan wright, and since 2010 he has run one mile through the desert at the hottest possible time. >> in black. in all black. and he is absorbing the heat. >> and the hoodie and the mask and everything, and this year in june, he ran on the hottest recorded day, 129 degrees in death valley. >> does he do this to lose weight? why does he do this? >> he says on the website, it is completely silly an nonsensical thing to do, but he loves the run in the heat, and it is his thing. to answer a few more of our question questions, we have darth joining us "right this minute." jonathan, the question on the table is, why do you do this? >> well, there is no real reason to do this and like you say, it is pointless, and face it, when
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you go flying past them in a full darth vader costume at 129 degrees and then something incon gr incongruent happens. >> are you drenched in sweat the whole time? >> yes, the mask is two inches deep in sweat which is a horrible thought really. >> jonathan, what are the temperatures and the time? >> the temperature was 129, and as far as that, it is the fourth hottest day ever measured on earth, and the run was exactly one mile in six minutes and 36 seconds. >> have health doctors warned against this? >> they have. i am going on record to warn everybody else in the world not to do this. it is a really bad idea. but i do train very, very hard for this. i workout in the sauna for an entire year. i do 100-degree runs in my home
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in colorado. i would not recommend this for anybody else quite frankly. >> have you thought of running with a light saber? >> well, i was about to tell you that i do have a tiny light saber, but i don't want to take it out. >> jonathan -- >> it is okay. it is how you use the saber, my dear. >> yeah, right, exactly. i want the show you guys a really cool new trick. you need an iphone and scientific calculator and start entering in numbers that mean somethinging to you. like, nick, favorite number? >> 44. >> your birth month? >> 6. >> when did you move -- >> 2012. >> so you the next that number, and that is going to be the person you will be kissing next. >> that is my girl's number.
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how do you know that? >> i don't. it is mathematics. >> christian said i am going to call you and kiss you next. >> this is a trick created by none other than our experts. >> this is jarek and jess. >> they are going to trick people, again, into kissing them. they start asking them questions. >> how old were you when you had your first kiss? >> how good of a kisser are you? >> how many days since the last ki kiss? >> put them in the calculator and a series of numbers comes up, and then they call that number. >> hey, look. >> try this. ready? >> this guy plays them every time. >> i don't know how many kisses, but this girl and the other guy with him. >> how did he do it? >> stuart partnered with jarek 1:20 of how to disturb reality and he has a video to show you exactly how to do it. >> all you need is a scientific calculator. and for that video go to
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or see it on our mobile app. >> you are the first one. it looks like a normal video game, but -- >> watch what the coins say. >> i love you. >> oh. ♪
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[ roars ] ♪ ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival. ♪
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the folks at beneful, the
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dog food made by purina are reminding you to play with your dog, because it is good for you. they are reminding you in this video. what we have got here is a device all operated by pets and their toys. all while showcasing beneful dog food. there are people out there in the world of the internet making comments saying this looks fake. >> i don't think they are fake. these dogs are trained and able to do all of this stuff on the cue. >> and the most impressive about this is that it is all one shot. it looks like they had a to do it all without errors. >> it is a fun day for every dog in this room. ladies, if i click through the video here, you are thinking, okay, this is somebody doing some work on super mario
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world, and you say, okay, that is standard, right? why are you showing me a video of somebody play inging a video game? well, this is a proposal video. watch what the coins say. >> i love you. >> oh. >> and now keep watching. >> diana. >> right. >> will you marry me? >> and then this is where the level ends. how cool is that? in is all put together by a guy named brandon for his fiancee dia diana from philadelphia, and he created this thing with software called liunar magic. he made this level and put all of the stars in there so she could not lose, and this is of course, after the fact, if you
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listen to her in the video, you can tell how stoked she is. >> this is how it is supposed to be. this is amazing. bad day at the beach. >> man n is a per -- man, this is a perfect day at the beach. >> hey, get out of my spot. i'm coming for you. >> this barn owl is in rehab. it had a problem with the wing and heal iing nicely, but feath are missing, but this barn owl is not happy in rehab. listen to it. >> that is the owl making that noise? >> yes. it sounds like a haunted house where somebody is opening up a creeking door, but no, that is it making the noise. >> oh, i don't like that. >> it sounds like a wind machine or something, that is spooky. >> and it is creepy like the way it is moving back and forth and making the weird noise and has the wings out all threatening.
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>> these birds make more pleasant sounds. somebody is running to their front porch. why? because there is a nest of birds. so everyday they are checking to see the growth, but guess what happened this day when they went for the look. >> whoa! >> he checked on them on the day they were learning to fly. >> the birds flew out, and they said it is the first time they flew. >> crash landing. >> and that bird lands on the porch. he does not nail the landing, u but he gets up and goes on. >> they will never forget the first flight thanks to this dude. whoa. >> that is it
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